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Aussie Curves – Sparkle

September 10, 2012

This weeks Aussie Curves turned out to be a bit of a failure for me. We got the keys to our new place on Friday and have been going back and forth between houses taking bits and pieces, measuring & trying to figure where to put things. I tried taking my pictures Sunday afternoon, but the sun, the sparkles and the pool didn’t seem to mix well and most of my photos didn’t focus properly. Boo!

So, this week, your stuck with a picture of my amazing sequined jacket I got a couple of months ago from Crossroads, my tunic is over a year old and also from Crossroads. I picked up these shoes last week at Fashion Night Out. They are from Wanted and I got them for 20% off. They reminded me of a very much lusted after pair of Melissa shoes I want, but can’t afford.

Frodo decided to try on the look too. He’s a plus size male, and Australian, so he fits a few of the criteria. Ever since his last operation, he’s put on so much weight. Once we move we are going to take him to another vet for a 2nd opinion, see if there is anything else that can help him. The weight certainly isn’t helping his leg or his arthritis, but he doesn’t want to walk and he’s on a pretty good diet.

Obviously modelling is hard work!!

  • Love that jacket Nat! Can’t wait to see piccys of the Darling Den! Xx

  • You look good, but Frodo.. WHAT A STAR!! I think you better get him a modelling contract, stat! 🙂

  • Nessbow

    Frodo’s too gorgeous! I couldn’t help but roll around giggling when I saw those photos. I once put a sequinned beret on Ringo, and he loved it so much he hissed everytime I tried to take it off him. He enjoyed being fancy.

  • Ashley Rose

    haha nawww no good about the lighting but i got to admit… i dont mind a dose of this little Mr’s cutness either lol And that jacket is fabulous! x

  • What a bummer about the light! Well, from what I can see, you look gorgeous. I love those shoes!!

  • Naaaw, hate that! Look forward to seeing the whole outfit one day. But until then between the cute shoes and super cute puppy, I’m happy.

    Go easy with the move lovely, take time to rest, get plenty of sleep and it will come together nicely. No point pushing yourself over the edge for something that can wait until tomorrow. You know. xo

  • Dakrua

    I’ve never posted before but I absolutely love when you post pics of Frodo, he’s so cute. To help with his diet you can lower his food and add green beans to help him feel full.. my chihuahua mix gets 1/4 cup of food to maintain his weight and he’s an extremely active boy. I’m not sure if you can get it over there but I use Nupro Silver and that works magic for my extremely old (16!) large breed dogs severe arthritis. 🙂

  • Bummer on the photos not focusing. Loving the jacket. Frodo looks like he has had enough of the paparazzi. From what I can see of your leggings, they look super cute too!

  • Hi. Please give me everything you are wearing.

  • Oh thats for that tip! Our vet suggested similar but with cabbage instead. Once I move I will be cooking all his food, which will be better, and hopefully he won’t be getting so many ‘treats’ from my parents. He’s got a medication that he gets put on his food, it’s a liquid, that helps with his arthritis. I think it’s just a lot of weight he put on really quickly after major stomach surgery, and I know it takes awhile to bounce back from any major op.

  • Ahaha MINE! 😛

  • It was frustrating and I just couldn’t be bothered re-trying. Frodo is now 10 and after nearly 10 years of having 1893329837 photos taken, he’s over it. I now have to have my iPad on silent because if he hears the photo sound, he’ll get up and leave the room! The leggings are from Supre and I plan to post more about them soon!

  • Yeah, it’s just stressful with my parents too, and it’s all just argggh! My psych told me I need to calm down and just breath cause i’m stressing so much I keep getting anxiety attacks!

  • I couldn’t resist picking up the shoes, and for $40, which I think was pretty good. I wore them today and they make a bit of sound, I think I just need to get used to walking in them!

  • Hahah, that’s what I figured, while I didn’t really get any good ones of me, I got some great ones of Mr Frodo!

  • Ahah, Frodo has ALWAYS loved to dress up, I used to joke he had a wardrobe to rival my own!

  • Ahahah, he could totally be a star, he already has a diva attitude!

  • Thanks sweety! I can’t wait for everything to be done, moved and finished!

  • Jocelyn

    Love that jacket. You look great!

  • Adorable!

  • Very cute! I assumed they were the Melissa shoes. They are great. I love a good sequin. Rachel x

  • Love the jacket and the tunic!!

  • you suckered me in with a pic of sparkles and a cute small dog………good work

  • Stacey Cash

    Hahaha, I love the pics of Frodo in the sparkly jacket (I also love the fact that your dog is named Frodo!!). It’s a shame that your pics didn’t work out, I would have loved to see more of this outfit.

  • D’aww, Frodo looks good in sparkles! 🙂 I love your outfit too–it’s too bad you couldn’t get more pictures of it,

  • Awesome! They look really cute.

  • Jac @ Common Chaos Chronicle

    I don’t think your pics are too bad at all. I love your jacket and dress. I like the shoes too 🙂 As for Frodo, he’s rockin’ the sparkles like it’s nobody’s business. I hope life settles down once you’re in your new place! xox

  • Awwww. Frodo is a doggie fashionista! I have to say, I’m totally drooling over those shoes. xo

  • abearmadethis

    haha doggy sparkles, love it!

  • LOVE your melissa look-a-likes. How much were they? Wonder if they still have them in store!

    You look great in all the sparkles 😉 I think your photos turned out great.


  • They are $50, but I got them 20% off cause it was Fashion Night Out! You can find them online HERE. I picked them up at the Wanted store in, I think it was the Pitt St Mall. They still had heaps!

  • Thank you!

  • <3

  • When I noticed them in the window, I thought they were too, which is why I couldn’t stop myself for buying them for $40 even if they are knock offs!

  • Thank you!

  • Ahaha, yay!

  • I’ll hopefully try and take some more photos soon in the outfit, sans jacket. I love my Mr Frodo, he’s a little old man now at 10 years of age, but he’ll always be my baby!

  • Frodo looks good in EVERYTHING :p

  • These were the ones that turned out, the others are just blurry and icky! Frodo has a habit of looking amazing in anything! :p

  • I love the shoes sooo much!

  • Hehehe, frodo loves sparkles!

  • Thanks Nat!!! X

  • Love this challenge! Those shoes are fantastic. Those leggings are amazing too. 🙂


  • You can also do the same with sweet potato and other veggies. 🙂

    When I got Gary he was over 10kg, he’s now down to about 7kg which is a good weight for him. He could possibly stand to lose a little more but has his knee issues and arthritis so I don’t want to overdo the exercise. He only gets about 1/4 cup of food per day with the occasional chicken neck or wing for his teeth.

    What worked for us was food restriction, he had to lose the weight pretty fast because of his knee issues and so we cut his food down to 1/4cup daily. It turns out that is all he needs, I guess he’s getting older and has a slower metabolism. We have the same problem with ‘treats’ from my folks as well….

    Has your vet mentioned Cartrophen? It is a series of 4 injections over the course of 4 weeks that help arthritis. Gary had them as did my oldie before she passed and our old foster dog earlier this year. They seem to make a big difference as they help to reverse damage and reduce inflammation rather than just treating the symptoms. 🙂 And they aren’t too expensive, I think ours were about $120 for the whole series. Might be worthwhile to bring up with your new vet if you haven’t talked about it before for Frodo.