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Aussie Curves – Polka dots!

November 5, 2012

Polka dots! I love POLKA DOTS! I went through a stage when I would want to buy everything and anything polka dots, and then when my Nan lived with us, I didn’t buy any for years, as they messed with what little vision she had.

I’ve had this dress for years, I remember walking into the City Chic store in Parramatta and it was instant love. My boyfriend at the time helped me buy it. It’s still one of my favourite dresses to this day. I decided to pair it with shades of blue. I was going for a bit of a modern-vintage feel.

There won’t be many more pictures with this backdrop as we make our final move this week! It’s going to be crazy, busy and stressful. Then I will need to find a new place to take OOTD pictures 😛

  • Dress – City Chic (Around 4 years ago)
  • Cardi – Rockmans
  • Shoes- Lipsy via Asos
  • Pearls – Vintage
  • Earrings – Asos

  • Flashionaffair

    I love this dress! I have a similar CC one! I knew you’d have a lot of rocking polka dot clothes! You look awesome! xo

  • Gorgeous dress! CC always do good polka dots. I’m obssessed with the print too, I own alot of polka dotted clothing!

  • You’re so pretty! I love that dress, it looks perfect for twirling in 🙂

  • OMGosh! I love how you’ve put that first photo together. You look so lovely in your polka dot dress…definitely a fabulous purchase.

    Good luck with the move!

  • That dress is super-cute! And I love the earrings and pearls too. 🙂

  • Sarah

    Your dress is so gorgeous on you. I used to have heaps of polka dots as well but ended up with too many! I love the blue with the dots. I think I have the same cardi.

  • The dress looks fab lovely but the photo collage of your gorgeous self is my favourite part! That’s not to say I wouldn’t pinch that dress and run for the hills with it if I ever got the chance. 😉

    Good luck with the move, take it day by day and rest up when you need to. xox

  • Bek

    That dress fits you beautifully- I love the pearls too! You look gorgeous. 🙂

  • You look stunning in the polka dot dress!! The photo collage at the bottom is sweet.. love it. You’re a stunner!!

  • it’s such a cute dress. I want to do the polka dot blog hop but my camera is dead (well not technically dead but it only has a Japanese charger and I can’t afford a converter atm). Love the necklace too – pearls are awesome.

  • adorable dress! you look gorgeous in it as always. xx

  • Rai

    Wow, you look beautiful I love this dress so much, does it have straps/halterneck?


  • Janna

    Good Luck with the move!! I love circle skirts, they are so feminine!

  • Ashley Rose

    You look divine babe, that dress fits you absolutely perfectly! So many ladies are wearing CC this week and you are all rocking diff styles i love it! (We do do alot of polka dot lol) xx

  • Wow, that dress is amazing! It’ll be interesting when you move, what your new background will be. 🙂


  • That dress is amaze and pearls really suit you. Very pretty!

  • Nessbow

    You look so pretty! I really love the jewellery that you’ve chosen for this outfit.

  • love the styling with the dress – great accessories!!! can’t wait for the new background

  • adorable like always 🙂

  • mele

    lovely dress my dear. I love it when purchases are timeless

  • Tereza

    I go gaga for polka dots, you look perfect in that dress.

  • Loving the photos this week! Your hair and make-up is amazing and I love the trippy triplicate effect in the portrait pics! Of course I love the polka-dots too because I’ve got the same dress. I was lucky to get mine at an op-shop for $15: I’m pretty sure it’s from the era when Shitty Chic was still called Big Fat Chick. They really oughtta rethink their naming choices……..

  • Siki-Lou x

    loving the flare of your dress!! 😀 you look coolbeans!! x

  • Siki-Lou x

    Genevieve!! I cracked up at the whole Big Fat Chick naming game! I so agree!!! LOL.

  • Anna Vu

    Great shots! Love running into another Aussie blog!

    <3 Anna Vu

  • Jessie Mayo-Ward

    I lovelovelove that dress!

    And your hair is amazing!

    J x


  • Thank you!

  • Thank you!! Aussie blogs are awesome, off to check out yours now!

  • Hee, thank you!!

  • Thank you! 😀 And lucky you scoring this dress for a bargain price, i’m slightly envious!

  • Polka dots = Awesome! Thank you!

  • Yes, me too! This dress is years old, but I still love it as much as the day I bought it, and I think I always will.

  • Aww, thank you sweety! xox

  • Thank you! I’m hoping I can find somewhere equally as awesome at the new place, we don’t have a pool but we do have a pretty backyard.

  • Thank you! I was quite excited when the earrings went up on ASOS as they are such a similar colour to the necklace.

  • Thank you!

  • Thank you! I need to scope out good light location.

  • CC have some great polka dot stuff!

  • Thank you, it’s been SOOOO crazy, it feels like i’ve been moving forever, and well, we have been moving slowly for over a month.

  • Thank you! It has straps!

  • Thank you sweety!

  • Guh, silly cameras!! Do you have a camera on your phone? I love pearls!

  • Thank you!! 😀 *blushes*

  • Thank you! It’s one of my fave dresses!

  • Hehehe, thank you! Oh, moving is CRAZY! It’s been postponed again from Friday to Tuesday, so we shall see how it all goes.

  • Thank you, I think I went crazy with polka dots for awhile because it was one print I loved and that was often available in plus size. Cardi twins!!

  • Thank you! 😀

  • Hee, thanks Lisa!

  • It is THE BEST twirling dress, it just floats, it’s amazing!

  • CC do do some great polka dots! Its a great print that doesn’t date either, and it doesn’t look tacky like some prints can after time.

  • Thank you!

  • That’s an AWESOME dress! I am so jelly of all the great things you wear, I’m not very confident! I love you style!