Weekly Wishlist!

Either my taste has become more expensive, or everything has gone up in price. I think maybe it’s a mixture of the two. It seems lately a lot of my WW are more ‘things I wish I could afford’. I guess that is why its a WISHlist!

AIDAN MATTOX SALON Z DRESS – $390.68au – Sure, I don’t think i’ll ever have the occasion to wear this dress, or even the money to justify buying it, but a girl can dream! If you have a minute, go to the site and watch the catwalk video, LOOK AT IT SPARKLE!

BITCH I’M A UNICORN SHIRT – $33au – In plus sizes too! How awesome is this shirt! Love at first site! Alas, with shipping an extra $11, it’s a little out of my price range for a tshirt.

DOMINO DOLLHOUSE PETTICOAT – $49.99us – I want this in the black, the pink & the lavender. Hell, I love all the colour options. I really love the effect wearing petticoats under dresses has and i’ve been on the hunt for THE perfect one. I’ve heard a lot of good things about the ones DD stock.

ETSY BLUE RHINESTONE HEELS – $120us – I’m not sure if how well I could walk in these heels, but by lordy are they so pretty & in my size!

ETSY DRUSY HEART EARRINGS – $92us – I love drusy jewelry and I find the combo of the blue drusy with the hearts gorgeous.

CITY CHIC PETER PAN DRESS – $139.95au – Ohh i’ve been eyeing this dress over and over again since it came out. I just love it, the PP collar, tear drop neckline and see through sleeves, ahh so gorgeous!

ETSY DRUSY HEART RING – $94us – You’ve probably seen my put luckyduct jewelry on my Weekly wishlist a lot. I love her designs and especially her drusy rings. I’ve been browsing around rings, as I miss wearing them and i’m on the search to pick up a couple of perfect ones. I WILL add one of luckyduct creations to my collection one day!

ETSY BROOCH – OWL – CAT – $10us – I’m really loving brooches as of late, I love the art and colouring of these!