Styletread – Why are you so awesome?

I love shoes! It’s not really that much of a secret. I’ve always had a love of shoes, I blame my Mother, I think she may even be worse then me (then again, she has more money then me).  I have about 30 pairs of shoes, and I just sorted some out to swap at an upcoming clothing swap. I’ve restricted my shoe buying as of late, and any shoes I do have to fit within certain guidelines. It’s not easy though, with sites like StyleTread.

Last week, I made my first order of Mel Citrus in black. I realised, I don’t own a pair of thongs. No slip on kind of sandals. I’ve never been a between the toes strap kind of person, so when I noticed the Citrus, my only worry was ‘what colour should I buy?’

I placed the order late Wednesday and they arrived bright and early Monday morning. SCORE! A box within a box, that also included 3 x $5 off vouchers. SCORE! The shoes fit great, though a little snug around the strap area, but that’s not surprising as I my feet and probably a teensy bit wider then most size 8s. Conclusion= I love them!

Only thing is, now I know the service is good, I kind of want to use one of those $5 vouchers! They stock a lot of great shoes and one of the things that drew me to the site was the fact that they offer free shipping, which is usually the killer when it comes to online shoe shopping.

Below are my top 10 favourites. If I had to choose my all time favourite of the lot, it would be #2. How gorgeous are they!?

  1. Therapy – Tower Orange – $139 (Also in – Black, Magenta, Leopard & Blue)
  2. Soles – Jet Boot Black – $179.95 (Also in – Chestnut & Indian Red)
  3. Mel – Fresh Red – $49.95 (Also in – Peach & Black)
  4. Verali – Slight Red – $79.95 (Also in – Black, Orange & Cobalt)
  5. Nude – Everywhere in Pink – $179.95 (Also in – Sand Leopard & Black)
  6. Django & Juliette – Cuddle Cobalt – $129.95 (Also in – Red, Taupe, Black & Orange)
  7. Windsor Smith – Hana Fuchsia/Orange – $139.95 (Available in LOTS of colours!)
  8. Dr. Martens – Pascal Black Polka Dot – $169 (Available in may styles)
  9. Gamins – Nabby Black – $119.95
  10. Sunday Andrea & Joen – Mystery Blue – $139.95 (Also in – Leopard)
So, you may notice a few of my favourite ‘trends’ right now. Colours & Ankle boots.  You may also notice I didn’t include any stilettos. Nope, sorry,  I can’t walk in them, so I try not to even look at them for fear I will fall in love! (Like I did with THESE!)