Quick Pics!

This week started out on a great note, but has slowly declined. I had a wonderful Tuesday in which I met the amazing Bec (TrashyTeacake!). We had lunch and shopped for fatty clothes! When I got home I had to quickly change and head off to a bbq to celebrate one of Adam’s nieces birthday! I managed to catch the interest of a year old rottweiler who decided I was in heat. Lordy those dogs are STRONG!!

Henry seemed to think this was a really comfortable place & position to sleep in! I woke him by taking the photo.

Of course, having the icky low immune system I have, I must have picked up something from all the kiddies running around. Stomach bug & ear infection it seems. Add to that, today my nose has randomly started to bleed 3 times! Icky!

Henry is a camera whore. I thought Ginny was bad. She’s been shying away from the camera & Frodo is always happy when the camera is pointed at anything other then him. That’s why you’ve been getting an influx of Henry pictures. Plus, i’m still so very fascinated with him!

Last week, whilst out for his nightly jog, Adam got bitten by a dog. ON HIS STOMACH! To be honest, it’s more of a nip, then a bite. It was a Blue Heeler so it could have done a whole lot more damage. As it is, Adam had to get a tetanus shot & go on anti-biotics!  He’s doing okay now though.

I picked up a cat carried for Henry. He will be needing to make trips to the vets soon to get de-sexed. He loves it. He will often go and sit in it! I need to pick up a little blanket in there for him. Doesn’t surprise me too much that he liked it. He sleeps in Frodo’s crete every night now.

One day I will get a good photo of me in this City Chic dress! I do love the shoulders!