I don’t really think I have a ‘set style’. I know how I dress often depends on how I feel on the day. Some days I want to be super girly, and other days my inner goth wants to traipse about. One thing I know, is that I am now really enjoying leopard print. My ex didn’t like it, so I never wore/bought anything leopard print. Since the split, i’ve noticed a fair few leopard print items turn up in my wardrobe.

I had Mum quickly snap these pics before we went out. It’s been rather hot here, so I’ve been dressing for comfort. Loose and baggy shirts help keep cool when the weather is 35°. Guh, I am so much more a winter person! /whinge.

I just want to make mention of the place I bought this bag. ReStyle. I am in love. It’s a Polish store, but the current conversion rate is great and the shipping SUPER FAST. I may now own *cough* three *cough* bags from them now. The above bag cost me about $30. I also have THIS satchel, and for the quality of it, I would have happily paid double the price, it was much better then I expected.

TOP – Crossroads | SKIRT – Asos Curve. | FRILL ANKLE SOCKS – Cheap sock store at my local shopping center. | BOOTSTherapy via BrandsExclusive | BAGReStyle  | FAUX FUR RACOON TAILASOS | NECKLACE – ASOS | RINGS – Lovisa