OOTD – Lovedrobe Floral Review

Lovedrobe sent me the gorgeous crochet neck dressto review. Uh, love! If I’m being honest, I was a little worried abou what they would send, when I’ve had the chance to review items before I got to choose the item. Lovedrobe make a huge variety of different styles & colours of clothing, but what they chose for me was perfect! Thanks lovedrobe!

Seeing as it is winter here, I threw on a plain purple top on underneath & my thick stocking. The dress has this beautiful black crocheted collar detail that I didn’t want to have to cover up (I did later have to throw on a cardi as it got cold & wore this out late night shopping!)

The print of the material is so pretty! It fits in with my wanting to brighten up my wardrobe but doesn’t leave me without my favourite black! It comes with an attached underslip & the flowy top fabric is very soft. The bottom of the front is all ruffles!

 It has a super long string that you can use to tie the dress how you like, at the back, or I twisted mire around the front, then behind to tie to give me a little more shape. When I say super long, I mean it. You need to tie it or it would hit the floor. It was fun trying to tie it up with my cat around! Yes, Henry does approve of this dress!


Here you can see the collar in a little more detail. Also, a shot of Frodo & I later in the night. He is such a sooky boy!