OOTD – Dress up for the heck of it day!

Nessbow decided to take it into her own hands to start ‘Dress up for the heck of it day’. I’ve spent a great deal of today trying to fix the sound on my computer & unpacking boxes of books, so I didn’t exactly ‘dress up’ too extreme. I love to dress up, any excuse to wear a wig or fancy clothes and I am in. So here is my outfit from today, a laid back approach to pretty clothing.

I actually always tend to dress rather nicely whenever I leave the house. A month or two ago I shocked my Mother by wearing jeans and a tee out shopping. Again, sorry the photo’s are rather craptastic, they were taken on my Ipad (!!!) & webcam.

  • DRESS – Asos Curve – Size 22
  • JACKET – City Chic – Size L
  • LEGGINGS – Crossroads – Size XXL
  • SHOES – via BrandsExclusive – Size 39/8
  • NECKLACE – By Definatalie