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My life, Melbourne & food talk!

Thinking too much. About everything. It’s funny, when I left Adam, I took the time to re-evaluate everything. My life, what I wanted & bam, just a few weeks after that, here I am again.

Working at the convention on Saturday (Photo by Davby)

Sore. My back is killing me again. After working the convention on Saturday & then flying, Sunday morning my legs had gave way again and I wasn’t able to walk properly. So no convention for me on Sunday. I spent the majority of the day in bed sleeping at the hotel.

In Melbourne! Yep, I’m in Melbourne until the 26th. Finally have the chance to stay with some friends. Yesterday Nick took me to the aquarium & I feel so in love with the penguins!

In the process of getting my Passport! Travelling is something I’ve wanted to do for ages, and now is the time. Though, so many things to fill out & money to save! (I’ll be taking on any design work for a while, to save money, so hit me up if you need any graphic or webdesign!)

Amazing Food! – Melbourne, it seems, is currently trying to fatten me up with all the deliciousness!

Lord of the Fries – I’d pinched a few chips off my friend Zoe once when she’d ordered from LotF before, so when walking back from the Aquarium & Nick suggested we stop there for lunch, I was very agreeable. I was hungry (and have been naughty and emotional eating) so I ordered chips with French Canadian Sauce (Shredded Cheese & Gravy) as well as nuggets. Now, one thing that draws me to LoTF is that it’s Vegan friendly. The nuggets that I mentioned are not meat nuggets, but made from Soy Protien. God, they were yummy! Pretty much everything at LoTF can be ‘veganized’.

Misty’s Diner – I couldn’t decide what I wanted! So much variety! On Monday night a group of friends and I headed out to Misty’s Diner, which caters to authentic American food. After slowly narrowing the list of about 7 items I wanted to try (& counting my $) I decided to go with the ‘Bucket of Pork Ribs’. They weren’t kidding about it being in a bucket, and out came a bucket of ribs, a serving of chips, corn & roll. I love ribs, but generally eat them in the comfort of my own home due to the mess. I am so glad I went with them, because I can honestly say BEST RIBS I’VE EVER EATEN! I had a white chocolate & strawberry thickshake (so good) and was tempted to lose my ‘Pumpkin Pie’ virginity, but I didn’t finish my dinner, so dessert wouldn’t have fit!

China Bar @ Box Hill – Omnomnom. I’m very fussy with my chinese food, as I’ve aged, my tastebuds have changed and I’ve been trying more things. My go to meal is always lemon chicken. The service was super quick & while I found the lemon sauce a little bit too sweet, it was very tasty. The Sticky BBQ Pork Buns, I think, are the best I’ve had.