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Weekly Wishlist!

August 17, 2010

I’ve been in such a funk, I seem to have a stomach bug, not to mention a sore ankle from my foot being eaten by a bus. On top of that, my little man Mister Frodo is sick, he’s managed to hurt his leg and is hobbling around on 3 legs. We’ve got him booked in to see the vet on Saturday, and until then, he’s enjoying being pampered.


  • Forever 21 – Faith 21 Belt – $6.80us
  • Torrid – Pink & Purple Colour Block Dress – $54us
  • Sock Dreams – Plus Size Extraordinary Thigh Highs – $16us
  • Etsy – Super Long Feather Earings – $39us
  • Nu+Nan – Red Zip Wedges – $89.95

And then this, the Pink Rabbit Sweater from Next. I found this via Cupcake’s Clothes blog, she wore it in a wonderful OOTD post and I promtly fell in love. I NEED THIS JUMPER SO SO SO BAD!


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  • Nice rabbits – can you get someone to buy it and ship it to you?

  • Maybe. I don’t know really who to ask in the UK though. I don’t really have the $45au at the moment, not including shipping for it either.

  • Aw, I hope both you and Frodo are feeling better soon!

  • I love that faith 21 belt. Hoping to make it down to the store soon to pick it up. And those feather earrings are kind of crazy, but I am actually loving them! It almost looks like a feathery scarf.

  • love your wishlist <3

  • Boombands

    When you do – let me know, I have an Aussie account you could always transfer money into, and then I can order it and organise to post it to you too. xxx.

  • Thanks! I’m feeling so so & Frodo goes to the vet tomorrow. We shall see how it goes.

  • I really like a few things at faith21 but it’s shipping to Australia is expencive. Maybe one day when I save some money. Those earrings are crazy, but that’s why I love them. I have no idea what i’d wear them with though.

  • Sarahwhite

    I thought the same thing about the rabbit jumper. It would also be with with a black background. Sigh. Want.

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