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Weekly Wishlist!

March 29, 2010 Lustlist

Ah, life. It’s amazing how it catches up to you at times & your so busy that sometimes you forget to breath. I got home from Sydney, only to fall sick (Doctor thinks it may be Ross River Fever) and back to web work.

Exciting news that my site Twilight Australia has joined forces with Supanova for an upcoming Melbourne & Brisbane convention! Check out the Supanova site for the announcement and more info!

I hope to get back to more regular posting soon! Outfit posts hopefully to come this weekend, when I get out of the house for Easter. Otherwise my outfits seem to consist of a slip & oversize tee.

 When I’m sick, I get rather depressed. When I’m depressed, I want to shop. Alas, when I have $11 in my bank account, it’s limited to internet wishing. There are so many gorgeous things out at the moment that I’m sure I could spend an insane amount of money on things. So here is my weekly wishlist.

001 – ASOS CURVE – Hawaiian Print Cocktail Dress – £38.00
002 ASOS – Disney Couture ‘Alice in Wonderland’  Mad Hatter Earrings –
003 – ASOS – Dr Marten Modern Classic Metallic Boot – £80.00
004 -ASOS CURVE – Mesh Insert Leggings – £18.00*I NEED THESE SO BADLY!*
005 – NEW LOOK – Diamante Heart Top – £20.00
006 – CHINA TOWER – Vintage Pencil Dress – $34.95us
007 DIVA – Bangle Pack – $24.99
008 – DIVA – Rectangle Ring – $12.99
009 – SOLESTRUCK – Jeffrey Campbell Exam – $164.95us (They are out of stock, but a girl can dream!)
010 – TORRID – Black Spiderweb Fishnet Tights – $15us