Plus Positivity

Plus Size Models.

Real life has dealt out a crappy hand of cards. It’s something I really wish I could talk about here, but I’ve been asked not to talk about it on facebook & figured that would then carry on over to my blog. Those of you who follow me on twitter may have some idea of what’s been going on.

So, my days have been spent being a little emotional & not wanting to do much. Times like these I find myself losing hours flicking through sites like Tumblr, Deviant Art & Model Mayhem, looking at the pretty. Below you will find pictures of  some of my favourite plus size models.

I do admit, sometimes I’d like to see someone over a size 20 modeling plus size clothing! But with the increasing amount of models 12+ in magazines, I’m not going to complain. Do you have any favourite plus size models? Any tumblr sites to recommend? Let me know!