Oh make me over…

I’m not the best when it comes to change. I can handle it, but when it’s something huge, I feel like I need to change my image to fit with the change in my life.

I failed halfway with what I was wanting. I blame my head being in a ‘funky’ spot. I spent around $100 (which I didn’t really have) on hair extensions & dye. I was 100% positive the extensions said human hair, that’s why I bought them. Only they are not. After trying to dye them, then going over the pack 3 times, they are synthetic. Cue me breaking into tears. It’s an emotional time, I found it amusing thought that I finally broke down into tears, but over hair.

I did however get a fringe cut. With the extensions I was hoping for Katy Perry-ish hair. Now I have purple Lady Gaga Alejandro-esque hair.

I also got acrylic nails. I bite my nails. When i’m upset or anxious, it’s 100% times worse. It’s a rotten habit & it seems the only way I can stop from chewing my whole nail off is to get false ones. I haven’t had to do it in around 3 years, but I shelled out for them today. Now I just have to get used to day to day living with long nails!

  • 001– New carry on luggage – Cotton On Body
  • 002– Jewellery tree – Typo
  • 003– Bow cropped top – Size L – Valley Girl
  • 004– Zip front skirt – Size 22 – Crossroads
  • 005– Red zip front cardigan – size XXL – Crossroads
  • 006– Red notebook, pink diary & 3 colours of paper tape – Notemaker
  • 007– Shoes notebook and List pad – Typo

I’m also an emotional shopper. Well, to be correct, it’s actually a branch off of one of my mental disorders, when i’m emotional I have less control on my spending. I don’t think i’ve done too bad considering.

My new love is my carry on bag! As I travel a lot, I needed to invest in some new luggage. I’ve been searching, but it’s all been a ridiculous price. This however was made for me! Zebra stripes & pink! Also, only $70. My parents paid for it!