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Oh make me over…

July 12, 2010

I’m not the best when it comes to change. I can handle it, but when it’s something huge, I feel like I need to change my image to fit with the change in my life.

I failed halfway with what I was wanting. I blame my head being in a ‘funky’ spot. I spent around $100 (which I didn’t really have) on hair extensions & dye. I was 100% positive the extensions said human hair, that’s why I bought them. Only they are not. After trying to dye them, then going over the pack 3 times, they are synthetic. Cue me breaking into tears. It’s an emotional time, I found it amusing thought that I finally broke down into tears, but over hair.

I did however get a fringe cut. With the extensions I was hoping for Katy Perry-ish hair. Now I have purple Lady Gaga Alejandro-esque hair.

I also got acrylic nails. I bite my nails. When i’m upset or anxious, it’s 100% times worse. It’s a rotten habit & it seems the only way I can stop from chewing my whole nail off is to get false ones. I haven’t had to do it in around 3 years, but I shelled out for them today. Now I just have to get used to day to day living with long nails!

  • 001– New carry on luggage – Cotton On Body
  • 002– Jewellery tree – Typo
  • 003– Bow cropped top – Size L – Valley Girl
  • 004– Zip front skirt – Size 22 – Crossroads
  • 005– Red zip front cardigan – size XXL – Crossroads
  • 006– Red notebook, pink diary & 3 colours of paper tape – Notemaker
  • 007– Shoes notebook and List pad – Typo

I’m also an emotional shopper. Well, to be correct, it’s actually a branch off of one of my mental disorders, when i’m emotional I have less control on my spending. I don’t think i’ve done too bad considering.

My new love is my carry on bag! As I travel a lot, I needed to invest in some new luggage. I’ve been searching, but it’s all been a ridiculous price. This however was made for me! Zebra stripes & pink! Also, only $70. My parents paid for it!

  • You'll HAVE to start doing nail art! It's way too much fun and makes you super conscious about caring for your nails!

  • Yes! I have to say your nailin it posts do inspire me. The one yesterday (or the day before) really made me want pretty nails. I'm trying to get used to the length before i do anything to fancy. Didn't have the $$$ either for the pretty artwork.

  • Most of my nail stickers are really cheap and can be bought from markets. If you can't find any though, I will happily send you a few packets 🙂

  • Lou

    I am jealous of the bag!

  • Sarahwhite

    Yes, that bag is gorgeous but your hair is SUPERB! I love the fringe…very chic:)

  • new to your blog and I love it. I love that bag, it's amazing. And I like your hair- if I could have funky colors I totally would do purple. That sucks about your hair extensions but I think your fringe is adorable.

  • Papumorgado

    Love the new fringe! You look super cute! 🙂

  • Thank you 😀

  • Aww thanks! I'm going to check out your blog in a minute!

    The bag and I, it was love at first site! I'm liking the purple, I usually tend to stick to pink, but i'm thinking the purple will stay for awhile. It does suck about the hair extensions, but i'm not giving up yet, i've been researching on how to dye synthetic hair!

  • Thank you sweety!

  • Ahah thought you might be! Cotton On Body, only $70! I couldn't resist!