New hair colour & outfit of the day!

New hair colour! I decided on going blue, but seeing as I always seem to have trouble going blue with Fudge, I decided to spend my money and order is some Special Effects dye (In Blue Mayhem, around $30!). Well, yeah, as you can see, it’s slightly on the purple side! At least it turned out!

I’d forgotten how itchy bleach is! I’d not done my roots in months seeing as the purple blended well with them. The underneath of my hair had around 3inches of my natural colour! SCARY! I also hacked away at my fringe.

I got this shirt in the Evelyn Evelyn bundle. I ordered it way too large, so I ended up editing it up a bit. Cut off the sleeves & collar. It makes it a little more wearable.

I love these earrings! They cost me all of $4 from a little cart in the middle of my in-laws local shopping center! Also, look! NO MAKE-UP!

SHIRT – Evelyn Evelyn
SKIRT – Crossroads
SHOES – Wittner (years ago!)