Ciao Echo!

Like all families, sometimes the drama llama likes to visit. January this year he visited our family & it resulted in my 17 year old neice packing up and moving the 1700 kilometres/1050 miles to live with me and my partner. This was also in the hopes that she will be shown a little more of what it’s like to live away from home & be a bit more independant. Today, after 5 months, she’s left & gone back to Sydney. To say I am going to miss her is a little but of an understatement, but she’s only a phone call (or a plane trip) away!

 Things I’ll Miss!

  • Having company!
  • Having someone to talk fandom & squee with!
  • Her amazing nacho’s and stir fries!
  • Hearing her tell me that she loves me, every day!
  • Having a fellow hair dye addict in the house & having her cut my hair!
  • Her amazing hot chocolates!
  • Her cute, yet kind of annoying little giggle!
  • Annoying her & Josh whilst they are webcamming!
  • Our weird humour & inside jokes!
  • Watching TV with someone!
  • Having someone else to clean the kitchen!

Things I won’t miss.

  • Her face. LOL J/K, she’s beautiful. She just hates hearing it.