Books – Author Love – Katie MacAlister

 I find it very hard to respond when people ask “Who is your favourite Author?”. I don’t have just one, and I couldn’t narrow it down. Not when there are millions of books out to read. Slowly, I’m going to let you in to some of my favourite Authors. Some well known, others maybe not so much, but all brilliant in my eyes.

 Dark Ones Series

I originally stumbled across Katie’s books through the ‘Dark Ones’ series. Being the vampire book junkie I am, I gave them a read. What really drew me in with these books was the humour. Don’t get me wrong, I love brooding, dark, have to really concentrate to read books, but sometimes I just like to sit down, not have to wear my thinking cap & read. It has great plot, great characters & great humour.

My favourite of the series so far would probably be “Crouching Vampire, Hidden Fang”. It’s actually a follow on from “Zen and the Art of Vampires”. With life & relationships not working out the way Pia planned, she heads back ‘home’ to the USA, but things can never be simple, fate always has a plan. I think I enjoyed this book because the story has been spread over the two novels, it gives you more time to get to know the characters.

Aisling Grey Guardian Series

At first, I’ll admit, I wasn’t too sure about reading Katie’s other novels. Dragons interested me, sure, but uh, as boyfriends, I was a little astounded. I decided to give them a read anyway, and I’m glad I did. After I started reading “You Slay Me” I couldn’t stop.

Aisling finds her true calling when she travels to Paris to deliver a medieval object that is part of a set sought after for the power it wields. There she meets the handsome Drake, a man who is not at all what he seems. Implicated in the circumstances of two murders, Aisling, the demon she summons for help (and subsequently can’t get rid of) named Jim, and Drake find themselves caught up in a web of lies and confusion that could well result in the demon lords of hell ruling the mortal world.

Oh the heat between Aisling & Drake! It’s great! I also very much adore ‘Jim’. The wise cracking demon in Newfoundland form! All of these novels are 5 stars for me!

Silver Dragon Series

This series continues on from the Aisling novels, but from a different point of view. In comes May, a doppelganger in service to a demon lord. Oh, and apparently the mate of Gabriel Tauhou, the leader of the silver dragons.

I’m currently reading “Up in Smoke” now and very much enjoying it. It’s great to see Aisling & Drake in the novels as well.

Other Novels

To add to the above mentioned series Katie has many other books including 5 Contemporary Romance Novels, 8 Young Adult books (Under the name Katie Maxwell) as well as many other single novels. For more info on these books please visit Katie’s book page HERE.

Tonight I took the opportunity to use my 30% discount voucher at Borders to buy “Love in the time of Dragons” and “Steamed“. As i’ve read the majority of Katie’s books as ebooks I’m slowly buying them in print to keep.